2017 Sapphire Jubilee Gold Sovereign

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Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Gold Sovereign - Struck on the Day!

2017 Was a momentous year for not only the Royal family, but the nation on a whole, as Queen Elizabeth II completed her 65th year as reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. To commemorate the event, the Royal Mint selected the Sovereign - a denomination with a long and tightly knit association with English royalty - to capture the grandness of the event as well as the enthusiasm of the people.

Struck in 22K gold (91.6% pure) in a brilliant uncirculated finish, this piece comes accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which is hand signed by the director of the mint. Struck on the day of the anniversary, and being limited to only 750 pieces, the scarcity as well as exacting quality of this piece make it a beautiful keepsake with a lot of long term upside potential.