Fri 25/11: GB Embossed Covers

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First we have the 1/- value of 1847. This is on a very aged envelope sent to Victoria, Australia in 1853. There is a Melbourne 'Ship letter' oval of 1853 on reverse. The adhesive is cut to shape and has a reasonable '478' duplex. Unfortunately this is not tied to the cover and therefore we must view this item with caution. Accordingly we price this one at just £75.

Then we have another cover of 1856 bearing a cut to shape example of the 6d embossed, but this time well tied to the envelope. Again this item has been sent to Melbourne, Victoria and bears the manuscript legend 'Via Liverpool'. The reverse of this item is far more interesting with a red oval Melbourne Ship letter mark and also a straight line Greenwich R.B. in blue.There is also a further red mark on the face of the item which would repay some research.

This stamp catalogues £1,900 on cover, allowing for the cut to shape nature of the stamp we price this at £150.